The Impossible Job



A podcast about the misadventures in parenting. A look into different families, different styles of parenting, and how every parent ultimately has the same goal…to not raise jerks!  (Updated every other Thursday)


Episode 309 – Goals & Finding the Right Fit

For the New Year the Impossible Job has some new changes. I talk to my new Guest and HOST about what our goals are and what our plans are for the podcast.

Episode 308 – Happy Holidays & A Bucket Full of Nightmares

It’s the last episode of the year so I wanted to have my husband, Avery on the show to talk the holidays. We talk about what Christmas was like when we were kids and how we merged

Episode 307 – Pinterest & ADD Squirrels

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your turkeys are big and juicy, the table scape you got inspiration from on Pinterest looks like a page straight out of Martha Stewart magazine, and that casserole you pinned turned out delicious!

Episode 306 – Diastasis Recti W/ Chris Brown

This week I talk to the regional director of physical therapy, Chris Brown from Mary Washington Hospital about Diastasis Recti. Di Recti effects about 70% of pregnant women however, it isn’t widely known or talked about. Chris

Episode 305 – Halloween Procrastination & Sausage Mermaids

I talk to Laura about our lack of enthusiasm this year for Halloween, sickness that is running a muck in both of our households, the costumes our kids picked this year, and we also debate over what

Episode 304 – Downtown Greens w/ Sarah Perry

I talk to Sarah Perry from Downtown Greens this week about the benefits of gardening with you kids. We also talk about being ok with failing, mistakes to avoid when starting out, composting, and bees! Downtown Greens

Episode 303 – IVF & Zen Living

This week I talk to my friend about her process undergoing In Vitro Fertilization or, IVF. She shares her story of why her and her husband decided to undergo treatment and the process she took.

Episode 302 – Sleep Training & 4 Extra Feet

My sister and I talk about how we sleep trained our kids. One of us had to deal with colic, one of us co-slept, one of us cried it out, and one of us deals with sleep

Episode 301 – Summer and Beans and Pumpkin

Summer is finally coming to an end! For my first episode back I talk with one of my favorite guests and we update each other  on whats been going on for us during this summer break and

Episode 216 – Best of…& A Summer Break

I wanted to take a look back at a few of my favorite episodes. Some are funny, some are more serious, and some just have wise words that I think we could hear again. This is the

Episode 215 – Birthday Parties & November Cake.

I talk with my guest about what birthday parties were like when we were kids vs. how our kids birthdays are now. I also realize i’m kind of a party pooper.

Episode 214 – Hair Everywhere & Peacocking

I talk to my sister this week about all our awesome hair styles when we were younger and the status of our hair now. We also talk about the battle of maintaining our children’s hair and the

Episode 213 – Postpartum Depression w/ LCSW Alison Sullivan

My guest this week is LCSW Alison Sullivan from Alison Sullivan and Associates. We talk about the difference between Postpartum Depression and the “Baby Blues”. We also talk about some risk factors and common symptoms to be

Episode 212 – Potty Training & Yoga Craziness

I talk with my guest this week about the ups and downs of potty training. **Spoiler alert** There’s a lot of Sh*t involved!

Episode 211 – Raising a Transgender Child & Transition

This week I talk with Krista, who is a mother of 5. Krista shares her story about the night her daughter came to her and said she could no longer be a boy. Krista talks about what

Episode 210 – Gestational Diabetes & Moming Up

This week my guest is my friend Megan, who I’ve known since 4th grade! We talk a little bit on her joining the mom club and a lot a bit on her Gestational Diabetes while she was

Episode 209 – Foster Care w/ Spotsylvania County RAFFT

This week I had the opportunity to talk with a few of the wonderful women who work for Spotsylvania County RAFFT– Resource Adoptive Foster Families Team. We talked about some of the in and outs of the foster

Episode 208 – How Many Kids? & Yard Vomit.

My sister and I talk about our number. No, not that number! The number of kids we planned on having and the number we ended up with. We ask ourselves, when do you know you’re done having

Episode 207 – Resolutions & Office Reruns

Do you make a New Years resolutions? Is it a new year year, new you? My friend Jessica is back on the show! We talk about our holiday and what we did for New Years. Hint Hint-

Episode 206 – Celebrations and Rituals w/ Jenny Rosenstrach

For the last episode of 2018 I talk with Jenny Rosenstrach! She is the creator of the website Dinner: A Love Story, and author of 3 amazing cookbooks. Jenny and I talked about her 3 books, how