The Impossible Job



A podcast about the misadventures in parenting. A look into different families, different styles of parenting, and how every parent ultimately has the same goal…to not raise jerks!  (Updated every other Thursday)


Episode 207 – Resolutions & Office Reruns

Do you make a New Years resolutions? Is it a new year year, new you? My friend Jessica is back on the show! We talk about our holiday and what we did for New Years. Hint Hint-

Episode 206 Celebrations and Rituals w/ Jenny Rosenstrach

For the last episode of 2018 I talk with Jenny Rosenstrach! She is the creator of the website Dinner: A Love Story, and author of 3 amazing cookbooks. Jenny and I talked about her 3 books, how

Episode 205 – Sickness & Snotty Origami

Its cold and flu season! I talk to my sister this week about how we handle all the tissues, boogers, and barf our kids throw at us. Wash your hands and get your flu shots people! Subscribe:

Episode 205 – Friendships & Mini Cesspools

Drum roll please……This weeks guest is Avery LaBelle aka my husband. We talk about how easy it was to make friends when we were younger and why it’s so hard to make and keep friends as adults

Episode 204 – Halloween & Sexy Candy Bars

It’s going to be Halloween soon! Do you have your costumes all picked out? I talk with my guest this week about trick or treating as kids and as adults, costumes, pumpkin patches, and all things fall.

Episode 203 – Social Media w/Anna Macfarlane & Saving up Farts

This week My guest is Anna Macfarlane, Social media marketing expert and the founder of  @KidsAreTheWorst. We talk about where she finds her inspiration, how parenting is the worst and best, and her social media and internet guides

Episode 202 – The Tooth Fairy & Serial Killers

I talk to my guest Jessica about The Tooth Fairy this week. We talked about what her going rate is these days and how we felt when teeth first started falling out of our babies heads. Subscribe:

Episode 201 – Back to School and Blank Checks

It’s Season 2!!! We’re back and kicking the new season off with the most wonderful time of the year! Back to School! Unless you’re like me and sending your baby off to their very first day of

Episode 112 – Vacations and Eating Our Weight in Cheese.

For the final episode of the season I talk with my guest Laura, about the shit storm we call family vacations. We discuss what our dream vacations look like with and without our children, and what we

Episode 111 – Cooking and Dinner Time Battles

This week I talk with my guest about cooking for and with our kids, and the slow mental breakdown we go through when our kids ask us for endless snacks. Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play

Episode 110 – Dealing w/ Illness and The Story of Brave Alivienne

Knowing what to do and say when you or someone you know has a child dealing with a serious illness can be really hard. This week I talk with my cousin who’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer.

Episode 109 – Mom Rage and Yelling With The Windows Open

Who knew being a parent was mostly just repeating everything over and over with increased volume and rage. This week we talk about Mom Rage and what our kids do to set us over the edge. Subscribe:

Episode 108 – Making Judgments w/ LCSW Alison Sullivan

I talk with my guest LCSW Alison Sullivan this week about why we judge others and ourselves. We talk about how we can all work though judgment and learn to ultimately be kinder to ourselves. Subscribe: iTunes

Episode 107 – The Mother’s Day Episode!!!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day! Are you prepared? I talk with my guest about the good and the bad aspects of mother’s day. Things you should never buy for your mom and things we wouldn’t mind getting

Episode 106 – Step Parenting & Hiking Extravaganzas

This week I talk to my guest about being a step parent. A few topics we go over are the importance of communication, boundaries, not all step parents are wicked, and double checking your map before going

Episode 105 – Military Families and lots of Boxes

I talk with my sister again about what life is like when you are in a military family. As anyone can imagine; deployments suck, but what are other obstacles and benefits to being in the military? Subscribe:

Episode 104 – Dad Roles and Crying at Fireworks

This week I talk to my guest about what roles we expect our dads to play. Should some things just be expected? Find out what my guest, Adam West (not batman) thinks about household chores, sports, camping,

Episode 103 – Date Nights and No Limit Soldiers

Lets talk about the elusive occurrence of a Date Night! We talk about why it is so hard to make it happen, and the importance of taking time to reconnect with your partner. Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher

Episode 102 – Self Care and Guilt Jackets

This Week we talk about Self Care. What it means to us, how we get it, what we want from it, and why it’s so hard to find time for it. Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | Google

Episode 101 – An Introduction & Romantic Walks In Target

Episode 101 – An Introduction & Romantic Walks In Target Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play