December 2015


Teacher: Nathaniel Fenson
School: Forest Park High School

We have received numerous entries for Mr. Fenson, here are what the student’s had to say…(FYI: “playing with poop, refers to a computer program”)…

“Mr. Fenson should be named A+ Teacher of the Month because he is my role model. Ever since I was little I wanted to work with computer code when I grew up. This is my first year taking a class on programming and I really enjoy it.  Even though this is by far the most difficult class that I’m taking, Mr. Fenson makes it enjoyable to me and all the other students. Every morning he makes us laugh and brightens up our day. Mr. Fenson is smart, funny, helpful, and always puts his students’ needs first for everything he does. He really is an amazing teacher.” ~Patrick Kayne

“Mr.Fenson is the best Java teacher in NoVa.  He has the most unique teaching style you will ever come across.  He also really connects with us children in video games, football, and dank memes.  Mr.Fenson also gives great financial advice on assets and liabilities and how to increase company growth.   Along with giving us the unique perspective of how to make money as a poor person.  Mr.Fenson is the best all-around teacher!”  ~Robert Swanson

“We learn a lot in his class and i enjoy it a lot. We sit around and make games and such and i find that really fun. The teacher himself is a fun person and makes class fun. Coding is fun.”  ~Kevin Ben

“I really enjoy being in his class and being able to troll  him. our class is always his testing class since he just made the ‘plans’ for that day.  It is just a blast when he tells us to let our parents know that we threw airplanes and played with poop.”  ~Joshua Brooks

“Mr. Fenson is a good statistical teacher. He wants to educate and inspire us to conversate with other people about what we do in his class.”  ~Antonio McCray

“He takes the time to make youtube videos online on programming to help programming students at home on their assignments and related projects.”  ~Brady Bolton

“I Think Mr.Fenson  should be the A+ Teacher of the Month because he  is always have us think of the class in a different way than usual that help me accumulate to the difficult curriculum”  ~Jackson George

He is a teacher that does more activities like paper airplanes as a metaphor for how code works. Before I came to this class in didnt understand code then i came here and he teaches different then other teachers.  He  stays after for you if you dont understand, he breaks it down so its really easy to understand.”  ~Adrianna Williams

He’s probably one of the chillest teachers that I have for starters. Even if the way he teaches sometimes is kind of odd, he’s still really cool and I learn a lot in his class than I do from most classes. Overall I think he’s a pretty good teacher and deserves to be teacher of the month.”  ~Tariq Rahman

“Mr. Fenson is good teacher because the classes are fun and interactive. We get to throw airplanes. The class is easy if you understand. And if you don’t understand… MR. FENSON WILL MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND.”  ~Merkorios M

Mr. Fenson is a very funny teacher. Even though some of his teaching styles seem different, they always result in some kind of serious work or life lesson. He takes teaching very seriously, but he can also relate well with the students. He also takes some of his own time to stay after school and helps students with school work or problems they might have.”  ~Mikel Johnson

“Mr. Fenson is a great teacher and doesn’t base his class off of learning plans he simply adds fun activities to catch out attention. in my opinion that is an A+ teacher.”  ~Kayla Busicchia

“Mr. Fenson is my computer math teacher, and he is a great teacher. He is nice, funny, caring, and is a really easy person to talk to. He helps everyone in our class. He is always there for us if we need someone to talk with. He is an amazing teacher and that’s why he should be named the A+ Teacher of the Month”  ~Kyle Baptiste

“I think he should be A+ teacher of the month because he gives us endless opportunities to retake assignments and tests and is funny.”  ~Ryan Buckingham

“His teaching style is original and hilarious. It is unlike any other ive seen and is proven effective by our grades. He should be Teacher of the month because his students preform really well using his style of teaching.”  ~William Bolton

Mr. Fenson is an amazing Computer Math teacher here at Forest Park High School. He gets everyone engaged in the lessons, makes everything fun, and ties the lessons into real life. He also tries to get everyone an A, actually gets people to learn the material, and helps every student.”  ~Austin Koehler

Mr.Fenson is an excellent teacher and one of the few I’ve ever had that is truly relate-able. He treats all students fairly and tries to show administration that just because your not perfect at math doesn’t mean your automatically aver or below at coding, And if you are bad he tries to help you improve.”  ~William Harris

He is a very good teacher because he makes the class room fun and keeps us interested. For an example he had us go home and tell our parents that be played with poop the whole class,but in the class we actually played Poop Clicker, a game that showed us a idea of how programming works.”  ~John Smith

He makes my day everyday, his class is amazing, he implements jokes and fun activities in his class. He helps me when I need it. He even sometimes implements computer games into the assignments!”  ~James Bolton

He makes everything awesome for his students. He tells funny joke, makes school cool, and gives us headaches in class (sure its torture but thats my favorite thing about him). He is indeed my favorite teacher by far. I think that he really earned the award. Hopefully years later, I can give headaches to MY students.”  ~Zachary Peters

“Mr. Fenson is one of the most honorable and overachieving teachers here at forest park. Forest park is filled with phenomenal teachers but this teacher goes 110 miles per hour everyday and doesn’t stop till he leaves the doors. He’s really cool!”  ~Adrian Wilson

“He’s teaching us in a way that is far better than any other teacher I’ve ever been taught by. He is funny and he has a lesson plan that is actually good. He is truly worthy of being A+ Teacher of the month.”  ~Tyler Riddle

“Great teacher overall. His teaching techniques are new and better than any other teacher that has tried to teach me. They come out as funny and as a joke, but it ends up teaching us very helpful tips.”  ~Sean Hunt

“He lets us throw airplanes and play with poop in class.  He is a different type of teacher.  He wants you to get things on your own with help; but when you find it out yourself, your proud in yourself.”  ~Joel Abban

“The reason why I picked him is because he always makes the class fun and not boring unlike other classes out there.  He always makes us laugh.  Some things I really like about him is that he jokes all the time which makes the class funny and he can also be serious sometimes to control us because there’s some times that we are being so loud and disrespectful.”  ~Christian Decasa

Mr. Fenson taught me how to code the right way, and showed me how to be independent and resourceful when it comes to projects in the class.”  ~Lance Bacuyag

“Mr. Fenson has a way of keeping the lesson interesting while being “mad cool” at the same time. He incorporates video games and internet lingo to really help us get the lesson, his teaching methods are confusing, but come together in the end to really give you that warm feeling. This is why i nominate Mr. Fenson, because he is a great teacher and a real American hero by teaching a generation of future programmers and internet security workers and in tern raising the foundation for a better tomorrow.”  ~Nathan Sanders

A reason why I strongly believe that Mr. Fenson should win teacher of the month (should be teacher of the year) is because he will teach you many thing about programming and ties it in with real life situations which is really rare in teachers  in now a days. Another why I feel like he should win is cause he teaches in a way where brings the classes attention to him and makes us believe that we can learn do better in this class. Overall, Mr. Fenson is one of the best teachers in this school, he is the reason why I love coming to his classes cause he opens up my eyes in academics and in life.”  ~George Guaron

“He makes us think in a different way that gets our brains moving. He teaches us real world life lessons and motivates us to do something with our lives. The way he teaches is unordinary but helps me understand things I didn’t before.”  ~Amina Watkins

“Mr. Fenson is one of the best teachers around, he is very funny and makes programming really fun. His enthusiasm towards teaching his students makes him very easy to work with. He goes out of his way to try to help everyone in the class and enjoys doing it. He is really cool and makes some pretty funny jokes, making his class something I look forward to.”  ~Amir Lancaster

“I think Mr. Fenson should be nominated for teacher of the month because he has an interesting style of teaching computer math. If we do no understand something, he helps us out and explains it but doesn’t give us the answer so we can figure it out ourselves. He also talks to us about important real life situations which most teachers don’t do, and I think is important. He is always available after school any time we need him and always stays as long as we need him too for extra help. I think he deserves it.”  ~Sara Nagpal

“He is a amazing teacher. He motivates us and has his own teaching style that makes us think in a different way and not a boring way like any other teacher. He also makes us laugh when we are tired  and/or having a bad day.”  ~Areej Manzoor

Mr. Fenson stays after school everyday for 2 hours to help students complete projects, help with quizzes, and help with other subjects as well. Teaching in a specialty program, like IT, is very challenging for both the student and teacher, but somehow he makes classes fun with competitions and games to encourage and motivate students to not only pass, but excel in the course. Oh, and he’s the coolest teacher ever!”  ~Tre Smallwood

I think Mr.Fenson should be named A+ teacher of the month because he not only inspires us to be great programmers of the future but he also teaches us little life lessons with his lectures in a way that’s humorous and not so tedious but yet it captures you and stays with you.”  ~Giovanno Amadi

This teacher, with all his strange ways of teaching, exposes students the struggles of being  a student and prepares you for life. He makes you teach yourself, a skill that is necessary for life, while providing assistance. He creates teams and makes them compete to become better, this is really positive as my peers and I would always surpass each other slowly reaching the apex of our capabilities. Overall, he is a teacher that pushes his students to become better.”  ~Armando Astello

He is a efficient and proficient programming teacher that also keeps the class entertained and interested in the computer technology field. Besides possessing clever intelligence, he has the  will and care to pass on his experience in coding and life. Not only do we learn in his class, but we also listen to  important life lessons that we can either relate to or use to reference in the future, especially when pursuing a career,”  ~Jimmy Tran