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Two Teens Charged With Breaking Into Cars at Cobblestone Apts

(Fredericksburg)- Fredericksburg Police say two juveniles have been arrested for breaking into vehicles in the Cobblestone Apartments early Wednesday. A City resident reported witnessing two unknown males walking around vehicles in the apartment complex parking lot. A

CRRL: Look For Pokémon Go–Get A Library Card

(Fredericksburg)- The Central Rappahannock Regional Library says Pokemon Go has been fun. Many branches are Poke stops and at least one branch library is a gym. The library is telling Pokemon Go seekers that they can come

Gotta Catch Em All!

(Charlottesville)- Gotta Catch ‘Em All! Over 600 Pokémon Go fans were at Scott Stadium in Charlottesville tonight. Wahoowa!

“New” Ambulance Saves King George Money

(King George)- King George Fire and Rescue has a “new” ambulance. The box was manufactured in 2008. It was removed from its original chassis, refurbished and installed on a new Dodge over the past several months. Fire

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