Impossible Question


April 25

Q: 30% of people in a new Yahoo survey said they would give up dessert for a year to have THIS. What is it?

April 19

Q: According to a new Good Housekeeping survey, 59% of people say they still have one of THESE in their house. What is it?

April 18

Q: 17% of women in a recent survey said when they see a guy doing THIS, it’s a sure sign of insecurity. What is it?

April 13

Q: In a new Tax Time survey, 5% of people say doing THIS is totally worse than paying taxes. What is it?

April 6

Q: 10% of women say they’ve done THIS in the bedroom and their partner doesn’t known about it. What is it?

April 5

Q: In a new survey, 66% of parents say 13 years old is a good age to start doing THIS. What is it?

March 23

Q: In a new Yahoo survey, 29% of guys admit to doing THIS pretty much on a daily basis while driving. What is it?

March 18

Q: According to a recent survey, 39% of women say they can’t stand it when their significant other does THIS, because it really messes up their routine. What is it?

March 10

Q: According to a new Yahoo survey, 29% of men have done THIS because they think it makes them look cool. What is it?

March 7

Q: According to a new survey from Good Housekeeping, coffee is the most noticeable smell when you walk into a room. What is number 2?

March 2

Q: In a recent Men’s Health Magazine survey, 17% of guys say they have never worn one of THESE. What is it?

February 3

Q: 70% of guys in a recent survey admit to exaggerating about THIS when talking to someone they’re attracted to. What is it?

February 2

Q: 20% of women in a recent survey said if they’re being honest, they will admit, they have done THIS before stepping on a scale. What is it?

February 1

Q: According to a new couples survey, 50% of men say they have fantasized about leaving their partner for THIS person. Who is it?

January 26

Q: A new Sports by the Numbers study is out and shows that sales of THESE actually triple during the week before the Super Bowl. What is it?

January 14

Q: In a new relationship survey, 17% of people say their partner annoys the heck out of them when they do THIS. What is it?

January 11

Q: A new survey shows that 20% of people do THIS at work at least twice a week, and no one ever knows about it. What is it?

January 7

Q: According to a new retail study, the average person tries THIS about 14 times before actually buying THIS. What is it?