Impossible Question


July 30

Q: In a recent mall survey, adults were asked to name something they do in the bathroom during their morning routine that would surprise most people. 40% of people said they do THIS. What is it?

July 29

Q: In a new Yahoo survey 58% of married people said THIS is their honey’s worst habit. What is it?

July 28

Q: 30% of adults in a recent survey said THIS little thing has triggered an argument with their sweetie. What is it?

July 24

According to a recent survey, 21% of people admitted to stealing this from a restaurant…what is it?

July 22

Q: In a new USA Today survey, 20% of adults admitted – when it comes to THIS – they get jealous. What is it?

July 20

Q: According to a recent study, 70,000 of THESE have been stolen from cars this year. What are they?

July 17

Q: In the latest Forbes job survey, 80% of people say they’ve been embarrassed at work when THIS happened. What?

July 15

Q: Almost 80% of women said they will absolutely NOT go on a second date if the potential love interest shows up with THIS on the first date. What is it?

July 14

Q: In a recent survey, 72% of people voted THIS as the most underrated romantic gesture. What is it?

July 13

Q: A new survey from Yahoo shows that 56% of adults say they argued in the car on their last road trip because of THIS. What was it?

July 10

Q: A survey from CNN shows that only 1 in 5 adults say they do THIS now, even though they did it all the time as a kid. What is it?

July 9

Q: A new Yahoo survey reveals that 52% of people said THIS was the most embarrassing thing that happened to them in the last week. What was it?

July 8

Q: A recent mall survey asked guys the question – “What do you think heaven is like?” 49% of them said, they think that THIS exists in heaven. What is it?

July 7

Q: When it comes to saving money, THIS is the #1 thing most people say they’ll brag about when they get a great deal on it. What?

July 6

Q: A new study shows that women who do THIS gain about 15 pounds on average more than women who don’t. What is it?

July 1

Q: A recent NBC survey found out that 52% of men and women said they’ll actually miss THIS when they go on summer vacation. What is it?

June 30

Q: Most parents in a recent survey said, they think it’s easier to do THIS with girls than it is with boys. What is it?

June 29

Q: A new dating survey shows that the majority of women say a candlelight dinner is the most romantic date. What came in second?

June 26

Q: Last year just about 130,000 women in America were injured and had to go to the ER because of THIS. What was it?

June 25

Q: A new survey from Yahoo Travel reveals that 62% of adults admit to doing THIS while on vacation. What is it?

June 23

Q: 30% of men and women in a new MSNBC survey say they haven’t done THIS in at least 5 years. What is it?

June 22

Q: 40% of people in a new survey from CNN say they don’t do THIS because it’s just too expensive. What is it?

June 19

Q: A new Yahoo survey asked the question “what’s your all-time favorite smell?” What do you think the #1 answer was?

June 18

Q: A new dating survey from shows that 60% of people say they would never date a guy that has a ________. What is it?

June 17

Q: According to a recent study from travel experts, THIS is the absolute worst mistake you can make when you go on vacation. What is it?

June 12

Q: 20% of adults in a recent survey said they’ve actually set up one of THESE, and they are not ashamed of it. What is it?

June 11

Q: According to recent statistics, you’ll find more of THESE in Japan, because they have more than anywhere else in the world. What are they?

June 10

Q: 23% of adults in a recent MSNBC survey said 15 years ago they never would have done THIS, but they do it now…and they fake it! What is it?

June 8

Q: 22% of people in a recent Monster job survey say YES they have done THIS for their boss. What is it?

June 4

Q: Recent statistics show that the average age for a person to buy THIS for the first time time is 40. What is it?

June 3

Q: In a new People Magazine survey, almost 30% of us say after about a week, we give up on doing THIS. What is it?

June 1

Q: In a new survey from USA Today, 45% of people say they have one of THESE, but they’ve never actually used it. What is it?

May 27

Q: A new Triple A survey is out and shows that THIS was voted the #1 snack food that people take on road trips. What is it?

May 26

Q: According to a recent survey, 10% of women say before jumping on the scale, they’ve been known to do THIS – because it makes them feel like they weigh less. What is it?

May 22

Q: A new survey from Marie Claire magazine asked people to rank the little pleasures that make life worth living! What was #1?

May 21

Q: According to recent ER statistics, just about 1,100 people in the U.S. injure their eyes with THIS item every year. What is it?

May 20

Q: 76% of women in a recent survey said if they do THIS, they keep it a secret – even from their best friend! What is it?

May 19

Q: According to a recent Yahoo survey, you will have owned about 25 of THESE by the time your are 35 years old. What are they?

May 18

Q: 20 years ago an airliner said they saved about $30,000 when they stopped offering THIS in first class. What was it?

May 15

Q: 67% of guys in a new Men’s Health Magazine survey say they have done THIS to impress their significant other. What is it?

May 14

Q: In a new survey, 46% of people say THIS happened to them at their current job, and they weren’t really expecting it. What is it?

May 13

Q: A new MSNBC survey shows that 35% of men and women actually look forward to doing THIS every day. What is it?

May 12

Q: In a new Time Magazine survey, 29% of Americans say they could do THIS with no practice at all. What is it?

May 8

Q: 11% of employees in a new survey said they’ve done THIS at work even though they knew it could get them fired. What is it?