Impossible Question


March 26

Q: did a survey on – what happens in the office – and found out that the majority of your co-workers are annoyed by THIS. What is it?

March 20

Q: Most of us do THIS quite often, but according to a recent MSNBC survey, 7% of Americans say they’ve NEVER done it. What is it?

March 19

Q: 10% of adults in a recent survey from Time Magazine say IF they could go back and do it all over again, they would do THIS. What is it

March 18

Q: 30% of people in a retro survey from VH1 – say, yes they actually owned THIS in the 80’s. What was it?

March 17

Q: 30% of guys say they do THIS, but they never tell anyone – not even their closest friends. What is it?

March 16

Q: Adults are usually smarter than most 5 year olds, but according to a recent study – you’re probably not smarter than them in THIS area. What is it?

March 13

Q: A recent survey from TV Guide shows that 75% of women say they love to do THIS whenever they get the chance, but most men surveyed say they avoid it like the plague. What is it?

March 12

Q: According to a recent study, 35% of guys at the office admit to lying to their co-workers about THIS. What is it?

March 10

Q: MSNBC did a study and found that about 25% of kids are going to school today with THIS in their backpack. What is it?

March 9

Q: In a new office survey – 80% of women said if they could give one piece of advice to their male colleagues, it would be THIS. What is it?

March 6

Q: 45% of guys in a recent Yahoo survey say, yes in fact, they have done THIS for their sweetie. What is it?

March 4

Q: In a survey from Elle Magazine – 15% of women say they prefer to stay in the office for lunch, for THIS reason. What is it?

March 3

Q: A new survey from Yahoo shows that 10% of recent high school graduates cannot find THIS on a map right now. What is it?

March 2

Q: A new study shows that men, who keep THIS clean and tidy, probably have an organized life. What is it?

February 26

Q: In the month of January most couples will spend four hours doing this, more than any other month of the year. What is it?

February 24

Q: 70% of guys, in a recent GQ Magazine survey, said when they do THIS, they feel like they have more personality. What is it?

February 23

Q: In a new “couples” survey from online matchmakers, 25% of women said when it comes to their significant other, they really wish they could change THIS one small thing. What is it?

February 20

Q: A recent survey on dating sites found out that 10% of single guys lie about THIS more than anything else, on their profile. What is it?

February 18

Q: In a recent survey done in elementary schools – 72% of kids said they’d rather be THIS than the President. What do you think it is?

February 17

Q: USA Today did a survey on Friday the 13th and found out that THIS is what most people say they are afraid of in their own house. What was it?

February 13

Q: 60% of guys in a recent Your Tango love survey said their dream Valentine sweetie would have one of THESE. What is it?

February 12

Q: In a new survey from Healthy Living Magazine, 30% of people say they often have THIS non-traditional thing for breakfast. What is it?

February 11

Q: In a new survey from CNN – Americans were asked to describe themselves in one word only. 80% of people described themselves as THIS. What is it?

February 10

Q: According to a recent Good Housekeeping survey, 80% of people say they never clean THIS because they think they really don’t need to. What is it?

February 9

Q: In a new Yahoo survey, people were asked to describe their significant other in one word only. The #1 answer was “stubborn”. What was #2?

February 6

Q: A new study from Washington University says that the average person starts doing THIS around the magic age of 34. What is it?

February 4

Q: 60% of men and women in a new job survey from – say they wish their previous employer would have had better _________________. What is it?

February 2

Q. A recent consumer magazine found that 90% of Americans don’t clean this, because they don’t think it needs to be cleaned.

January 30

Q: Just about 80 million of THESE have been sold worldwide, especially in the 80’s – just about every kid had one. What was it?

January 27

Q: A new survey from MSNBC shows that if you’re 35 or older, you likely eat THIS about twice as much now than you did as a kid. What is it?

January 26

Q: The average adult never did THIS when they were younger, but according to a recent study, we do it now about 5 times a day. What is it?

January 23

Q: In a recent Yahoo survey, 53% of adults said they did THIS more last year, than they have ever done before. What was it?