Impossible Question


February 3

Q: 70% of guys in a recent survey admit to exaggerating about THIS when talking to someone they’re attracted to. What is it?

February 2

Q: 20% of women in a recent survey said if they’re being honest, they will admit, they have done THIS before stepping on a scale. What is it?

February 1

Q: According to a new couples survey, 50% of men say they have fantasized about leaving their partner for THIS person. Who is it?

January 26

Q: A new Sports by the Numbers study is out and shows that sales of THESE actually triple during the week before the Super Bowl. What is it?

January 14

Q: In a new relationship survey, 17% of people say their partner annoys the heck out of them when they do THIS. What is it?

January 11

Q: A new survey shows that 20% of people do THIS at work at least twice a week, and no one ever knows about it. What is it?

January 7

Q: According to a new retail study, the average person tries THIS about 14 times before actually buying THIS. What is it?

December 17

Q: In a new Billboard survey, 36% of people said THIS is the Christmas song that best describes their life. What is it?

December 16

Q: 46% of people have just admitted in a new survey that they have done THIS during the holiday season, and they are not proud of it. What is it?

December 14

Q: In a new survey from Women’s Health magazine, 40% of women said they did THIS when they were younger and never got in trouble for it. What is it?

December 7

Q: 12% of women in a new Yahoo survey say – they have received THIS item for Christmas, at least twice in their lifetime. What is it?

December 3

Q: In a Your Tango survey, 64% of people said they will not date someone who has THIS going on with their appearance. What is it?

November 30

Q: A new survey from Forbes magazine shows that women spend about $115, on average, on THIS during the holiday season. What is it?

November 25

Q: In a new restaurant survey, waitresses and waiters say they are sure to get 40% more tips when they do THIS. What is it?

November 23

Q: 60% of women in a recent dating survey said when they see a guy with THIS, they are completely turned off. What is it?

November 19

Q: Almost half of people in a recent survey said they don’t do THIS and they aren’t even interested in doing THIS during the holidays. What is it?

November 18

Q: In a survey from Women’s Health Magazine, 22% of women said they’ve actually cried after doing THIS. What is it?

November 12

Q: 46% of adults in a new Yahoo survey said THIS is the most un-thoughtful holiday gift someone can buy. What is it?

November 9

Q: In a new poll from Yahoo, 30% of people said this time of year, they are trying to cut back on THIS. What is it?

November 3

Q: In a recent Women’s Health Magazine survey, 20% of women say they get mad they’re significant other does THIS. What is it?