Impossible Question


November 30

Q: Believe it or not, 32% of men admit to being hopeful that Santa puts THIS in their stocking this year. What is it?

November 28

Q: In a recent holiday survey, 47% of women said they actually buy THIS for their significant other at Christmas time. What is it?

November 14

Q: On average, it takes someone 20 minutes to make a decision about THIS, but this time of year, it takes 25 minutes. What is it?

October 21

Q: According to a new sleep study, if you have trouble sleeping – experts say you should try doing THIS 2 hours before bedtime. What is it?

October 19

Q: In a new 40-something survey, 60% of adults said they owned a pair of THESE when they were younger. What were they?

September 20

Q: 37% of women in a new dating survey say they hate it when a guy does THIS while he’s trying to be romantic. What is it?

August 30

Q: In a new Men’s Health Magazine survey, 46% of men say they experience THIS personal problem on a daily basis. What is it?

August 29

Q: In a new Yahoo survey, 26% of people say their significant other regularly does THIS when they sleep. What is it?

August 16

Q: A new survey says 40% of moms do THIS to make things go smoother in the mornings when they take their kids to school. What is it?

August 15

Q: In a new Yahoo survey, 25% of women say they do THIS on vacation, but rarely do it when they’re at home. What is it?

August 4

Q: In a new Men’s Health Magazine survey, 15% of guys say they actually enjoy doing THIS but would never admit it. What is it?

August 3

Q: In the latest road trip survey, drivers say THIS is one of the most annoying things that happens in the car. What is it?

August 2

Q: 38% of women say they’ve been known to to change and improve their appearance by using THIS (something in the kitchen). What is it?

July 26

Q: Even though you probably would not want THIS done to you, 1 in 5 of us have done THIS to someone else. What is it?

July 25

Q: 27% of people in a recent survey said they still do THIS kid-friendly thing as an adult. What is it?

July 22

Q: A new study shows that the average person does THIS for 23 minutes every weekday – and usually gives it a little break on the weekend. What is it?

July 20

Q: 27% of men in a recent Yahoo survey said they have embarrassed themselves at work by doing THIS. What is it?

July 18

Q: 43% of women, in a recent survey, say they find it very attractive when a potential love interest knows how to do THIS. What is it?

July 8

Q: 90% of people in a recent survey say they’ve experienced THIS in the last two weeks. What is it?

June 30

Q: A new fashion survey is out and shows that the average person spots THIS wardrobe malfunction about six times a year. What is it?

June 17

Q: Father’s Day Trivia – 27% of fathers say THIS is the gift they would least like to get on Father’s Day. What is it?