Impossible Question


October 8

Q: 13% of guys in a new Your Tango survey say they’ve actually done THIS to try to impress a potential mate. What is it?

October 6

Q: According to a new dating survey, 5% of people have asked THIS question while on a first date. What is it?

September 29

Q: 25% of people in a recent survey said they have changed their clothes while driving, and 7% of people said they have done THIS while driving. What?

September 15

Q: In a new “get ready for the season” survey from Yahoo, 18% of adults said they will do THIS in the fall. What is it?

September 14

Q: The latest injury report card is out from ER’s around the country – and says that 9% of people have squirted themselves in the eye with THIS. What is it?

September 9

Q: 65% of Americans in a new survey said – if money did not matter, they would choose to spend their money on THIS. What is it?

September 8

Q: 58% of people in a new Yahoo travel survey, said their summer vacation was pretty much ruined when THIS happened. What was it?

September 3

Q: A new survey from USA Today shows that 13% of people will do THIS at a Labor Day barbecue this weekend. What is it?

September 2

Q: In a new survey from Women’s Health Magazine, 48% of women said when they do THIS, they always do it on Sundays. What is it?

August 31

Q: A whopping 82% of women in a recent “finding love” survey said they absolutely would never date a guy who does THIS. What is it?

August 27

Q: A new study is out revealing that women do THIS about 140 times a year, while men do it about 17 times a year. What is it?

August 26

Q: A new survey shows that people in the office are more likely to do THIS on Wednesdays and Fridays. What is it?

August 28

Q: 70% of men and women in a new poll said they would give up TV and their cellphone to have THIS. What is it?

August 25

Q: 65% of Moms say – when it comes to back to school time – THIS stresses them out the most. What is it?

August 24

Q: In a new dating survey, 6% of guys say they have asked their date to pay for THIS during their night out. What is it?

August 21

Q: A new teacher survey is out – Teachers say 40% of kindergartners do THIS while they are in class. What is it?

August 14

Q: 25% of men – on their dating profiles – say they would NOT date someone who has THIS/THESE. What is it?

August 12

Q: A new study is out and shows that couples who do THIS are more satisfied with their relationship. What is it?

August 5

Q: In a new dating survey, 70% of guys said they would kiss an attractive woman even if she has THIS. What is it?

August 4

Q: 36% of women in a new salon survey said, yes, they will get their hair done for THIS specific occasion. What is it?

July 30

Q: In a recent mall survey, adults were asked to name something they do in the bathroom during their morning routine that would surprise most people. 40% of people said they do THIS. What is it?

July 29

Q: In a new Yahoo survey 58% of married people said THIS is their honey’s worst habit. What is it?

July 28

Q: 30% of adults in a recent survey said THIS little thing has triggered an argument with their sweetie. What is it?

July 24

According to a recent survey, 21% of people admitted to stealing this from a restaurant…what is it?

July 22

Q: In a new USA Today survey, 20% of adults admitted – when it comes to THIS – they get jealous. What is it?

July 20

Q: According to a recent study, 70,000 of THESE have been stolen from cars this year. What are they?

July 17

Q: In the latest Forbes job survey, 80% of people say they’ve been embarrassed at work when THIS happened. What?