Robert Workman




Certainly a lesser man would have cracked under the pressure, but Robert Workman is not just any man. Haunted by memories of his double-life as Chip Betts, Robert keeps his fevered Vegas rantings at bay just long enough to deliver the area’s most accurate and dependable traffic reports on B101.5’s morning show…

On Air
M-F, 5-9am

October 3

Selbyville, DE

BA, US History, University of Maryland

Favorite Film
It’s a Wonderful Life

Favorite Musical Artist
Devo, Gin Blossoms

Favorite TV Shows
Dick Van Dyke Show

Favorite Place on Earth
Any baseball diamond

Unusual Trait
Can remember strange, minute details about events

Weirdest Life Experience
Finding a smart, beautiful reasonably well-adjusted woman I wanted to marry–and having her say yes

What Would You Do If You Weren’t in Radio?
Teach high school history, or work as an accountant